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Adult Male Attorney

No one plans to end up in jail, I have a plan to get you out

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Charles Peters has focused on criminal defense for his entire legal career. Among his peers and clients, he is known for his professionalism and knowledge, taking the time to discuss and explain your case, going to trial, relentlessly fighting for his clients, and getting results. In addition to criminal defense Charles focuses on civil rights violations, police brutality, and the role of mental health, racial, and economic inequality to address some of the injustices of the criminal justice system. Charles is proud to take criminal cases in all counties in the state of Texas, his main office is located in San Antonio. 
Charles came to San Antonio to attend St. Mary’s Law School and after graduating in 2015, stayed to help those in need. During law school Charles interned with the Federal Public Defender’s Office and the St. Mary’s Criminal Clinic where he was privileged to help many less fortunate clients who otherwise would not have been able to receive quality legal assistance without these important organizations. Coming from a farming background in a rural Texas town, Charles learned the value of hard work and giving back to his community. Values that he brings to his law practice and his new community in San Antonio.  
Charles completed his bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University in 2010 with a degree in political science with a focus on law and policy. In his leisure time he enjoys rock climbing, country-western and swing dancing, reading, and backpacking. 



Marijuana and Drug Cases
I believe that drugs should be legal and public resources should be used to treat addiction and mental health issues. I will fight to have any drug charge dismissed. If you want treatment, I will help you get the treatment you need.
MJ & Drug Cases
Driving While Intoxicated
DWI or DUI can have serious consequences for your job and commercial license if you have one. I have experience trying and winning difficult DWI cases. I will help you protect your license and record. 
Family Violence
Have you been accused of assault by a family member, spouse, or dating partner? These cases have serious consequences for your rights and may affect child custody. Don’t take chances with your family and future, I have handled many violence cases and will get the best results for you.
Enhanced or Aggravated Felonies
Individuals accused of being repeat offenders or aggravated charges for child victims, elderly victims, serious bodily injury, and hate crimes face many complex issues. The toughest cases require tough and creative legal defense.
Federal Cases
I am a federally licensed attorney. I have experience with sentencing and guideline calculations. I can help you with detention hearings, pleas, debriefing, and writs. 
Federal Cases
Civil Rights Cases
Have you been the victim of excessive force by a police officer? Hold them accountable. You can be compensated for medical bills and other damages. Overcoming qualified immunity is complex and difficult, make sure your case is in good hands.
Mental Health
Being charged with a crime is frightening and stressful. Having mental health issues can complicate this process even more. If you have conditions such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or addiction, I can help guide you through this system and get treatment if needed.  
Mental Health
You are entitled to an appeal of your trial. I have experience with appeals on serious felony cases including murder and aggravated sexual assault. I can also help with motions for new trial and petitions for discretionary review.  
Are you eligible for an expunction or non-disclosure in your case? I can help you make sure your record is clear.  
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